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Janet Bishop asked 6 months ago

We have Where’s my droid on all of our family members phones – our action word aren’t working when we send a text to each other’s phones.

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Brad Degelau Staff answered 6 months ago

Are you using any texting replacement app? Its possible one may have come pre-intalled on your phone. Verizon, AT&T, and Samsung all make their own now that come as the default texting app. Some of those use what’s called RCS (Rich Communication Services) which is basically texting over internet rather than the voice network. Our app won’t work with these kinds of text because they are basically encrypted in a way the app can’t read. You’ll need to disable that mode, which also may be called Advanced Texting.

Andrew Ares replied 5 months ago

So then what would the name of the texting app that would work or that is actual stock android texting app?

Brad Degelau Staff replied 5 months ago

Stock is called Messages, but so are many that you can download or that come pre-installed. You have to look it up in Google Play and make sure its the one made by Google.

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