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Nats asked 2 weeks ago

I have been using the Elite version of WMD for a few months now but for the past 2 days commander can\’t seem to find the phone Im tracking. It keeps saying \”Unable to Communicate with Device\” however I know the mobile data, GPS and WiFi is connected, and I know none of the settings have been disabled nor has it been uninstalled. As far as I know the power saving and task manager app has been turned off so Im not sure why it can\’t locate the phone? Any ideas?

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Brad Degelau Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Try turning wifi off. Some wifi network may block us, especially if your on a corporate network.

Nats answered 2 weeks ago

The phone is not in an office all day, it\’s mostly on the road. If the app button is hidden and the person finds it in the application manager and pushes \”forces stop\” to stop it from working as they cannot \”uninstall\” without my permission, would that also cause the app not to work, or would it inform me?

Brad Degelau Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Try deleting the device from your account and linking it back again.

As for the force stop, that would do nothing to effect our app. It may stop it from doing what is doing at that moment, like getting location. But the app would just start itself back up again.

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