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Caitlin asked 5 months ago

Does WIMD have a location history feature and if so for how many consecutive days does it record? I require an app that records movement during the day (updates every five minutes) and lets me look at the recorded history one week later.
Example: Record movement on 6 September, view it on 15 September on my PC.
Is that possible with WMID?

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Brad Degelau Staff answered 5 months ago

The app can record location history in the Elite version. We call it passive location. It records the location every couple of hours if the device has moved.

Caitlin answered 4 months ago

I understand that. I want to know if WMD can do the following:

  1.  Record the location in intervals of 5 minutes and send me an e-mail with them including a link to google maps
  2. Record the location obtained in 1 on your server and allow me to watch it a week later? In tother words, how long is the retention period of the data received via passive location?
Brad Degelau Staff replied 4 months ago

It will not record location as quick as 5 min, only every couple of hours. Those locations will not be in email, only uploaded to your Commander account.

The server will keep the last 25 location points for a device. So that’s really just a couple of days. It will depend on how often the app updates. This is because if the device doesn’t move, it won’t update its location. So if the device doesn’t move much you may see up-to a week of location history. This is to keep the history from becoming too overwhelming on the map.

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