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Arnermd asked 5 months ago

Hello, Most of the time locating fails on a Samsung Grand Prime from Web commander \”Unable to communicate with device\”. Once in a while it works.  Checked to make sure location is on, wifi is on, data connection is on, roaming is on.  Have another phone and it locates fine nearly every time.  Suggestions?  Love the app, when it works. Thanks,

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Brad Degelau Staff answered 5 months ago

Do you have any task manager apps or power saving settings enabled? Its possible another app is turning data off or killing WMD while it works in the background to get location.

Arnermd answered 5 months ago

Swiped down and saw that power saving was on.  Turned it off but still doesn\\\’t locate ”Unable to communicate with device”   Don\\\’t know what other apps could be running, I don\\\’t see anything.

Brad Degelau Staff replied 5 months ago

You could also try removing the device from your account and linking it again. Its possible it became out of sync. It should resync if that happens, but could have failed.

Arnermd replied 5 months ago

OK, re-synched the account and that seemed to work, until I closed the app on the phone. Turned the app back on on the phone and Commander on the PC locates it. Turn the app on the phone off, Commander can not locate. This should work with app closed on the phone right?

arnermd answered 5 months ago

An Update:  Seems to be working fine now.  Re-synched and after a couple days of intermittent functionality seems to be working reliably now for a week.

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