How to add a device?

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Bogdan asked 1 year ago

I can’t figure out how to add a device

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Brad Degelau Staff answered 1 year ago

You can add a device to your account by logging into your account through the Commander menu of the app on the device you want to add.

Mark Trued answered 7 months ago

I\’m unable to log into my account from the app on another phone. This is true of any of the S7s that we have. This is the same useless text string that appears when you click on \”Add Device\” in Commander. When you go to the other device the only way that you can login is to logoff. When you attempt to login you are not allowed to change the email address. If you enter the other password it gives an \”incorrect password\” error. How do I log into the other phones account on someone else\’s phone? There needs to be very specific instructions provided on this issue.  

Brad Degelau Staff replied 7 months ago

If you logout your just not allowing that device to see the other devices on Commander. If you want to add that device to a different account you need to click on “Remove” rather than “Logout”. When you remove the device you’ll be able to login to add it to a different account.

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