Find my samsung galaxy grand prime phone

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Lamphung asked 1 year ago
Brad Degelau Staff replied 1 year ago

Can you give some more detail. Did you have Where’s My Droid installed? Is the just not responding or are you getting an error message?

Lamphung Douangdy replied 1 year ago

Yea I have my Droid installed..after I have drop my phone rite on side of the street.I notice it was gone on the way to drop my son off at school but if I turn bacc my son would of been late cuss it was a couples more block to school.I drop him off rush n speeding as fast as I can.come bac n it was gone. calling for my phone to see it would ring around here..start feeling sad,driving around n retracring my step .calling it n leaving messages n it would go straight to voice mail. I knew they turn off my phone…made a report to the police which they can’t do much anyways..I installed the app find my android cuzz I had my phone on location so many places pop up..but try to have my phone beep as loud so I could to heard it .still nothing,,.. calling my phone n went straight to my voice mail still.tracking it down n this address pop up..N still my phone is very close.cop ask me how I track it n supposed to show him how I did it, I couldn’t do it again…first time I didn’t understand it about the blue dot n the red ! still not good of understanding it…I Track it by signing into my Gmail..N my phone #..can u help me n how to understand how to track my phone please…

Lamphung Douangdy replied 1 year ago

MY phone Sim is a track phone but it’s compatible with the samsung galaxy grand prime phone all i did was put my name.,N phone number down n Gmail n giving me differentry address. IF u can help please,respond me bacc thank u

Brad Degelau Staff replied 1 year ago

It sounds like you didn’t have WMD installed before you lost your phone. The app must already be installed and setup. Checkout our blog for some other options besides our app

I hate to tell you this but its the truth and you should know. Stolen sell phones are big business on eBay. Many people who find phones will sell them on eBay and even though they are stolen will go for 100s of dollars. They usually do it quick because they know they can be tracked.

Kevin Gorinshteyn replied 7 months ago

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