Can I remove old devices from my account?

Q&ACategory: CommanderCan I remove old devices from my account?
Ashley asked 11 months ago

I want to remove an old device from my account. Since I don’t have the phone how can I do that from Commander online?

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Brad Degelau Staff answered 11 months ago

You can remove a device by logging into your Commander account at Select the device you want to delete and go into the edit device screen. On desktop that’s the first button under the device name on the left. On the mobile website you’ll click the device list again and at the bottom will be the edit button. There you can click the Remove button to delete that device.

Jerry answered 5 months ago

How can I remove an unknown devices on my account. I only have 2 that are active and named and there\’s one that is blank and I cannot click on it to remove. If I click on it, it\’ll say it\’s an invalid device. It just annoying to see an unknown device on my account. Thanks.

Brad Degelau Staff replied 5 months ago

Email us at and we can help you with this further.

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