About Us

Alienman Technologies, LLC is a software based start-up located in the heart of southern Illinois. Its founders, Bradley Degelau and Brittany Winder, wanted to follow a different blue print than normal tech start-ups when they opened the doors in 2012. A.Tech, as it is fondly known around town, is entirely employee owned and doesn’t seek outside investors to grow and function. It was, and continues to be, profitable from the first day it was created. This success comes in part from a team centered environment that promotes the open development of ideas. Operation costs are also lower than average because some employees telecommute to work or are paid on a freelance basis. Alienman Tech believes that each one of its millions of users is important and strives to adapt to their ever changing wants and needs. Owner, Brad Degelau, believes in this so strongly that he starts his day personally answering user emails. All product suggestions are carefully considered and new technology is continually being added to better serve their customers. As Alienman Technologies makes a new footprint in the crowded tech industry they hope to step ahead of their competitors by offering practical software tools users need backed by exceptional personal service.

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